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We are so excited about our LIVE show Sunday, December 12th with special guest Cathy Wurzer and musical guest Jennifer Grimm! + cast members Dae Yang, Silvia Pontaza, Sue Scott, guest storyteller Carole Jean Anderson and singer/songwriter, Zippy Laske!

We’ll be honoring our role models, resurrecting our dreams, talking honestly about living fearlessly AND celebrating the holidays! JOIN US for engaging storytelling and passionate conversation + dinner and drinks!

Tickets for the show: $20
Dinner available for purchase at your table starting at 5:30 (service continues throughout the show!)
Show: 7:00 to 8:30

LISTEN to Ep. 19 LIVE AGAIN! – with guest ERAMN founder Betty Folliard!


Ticket sales for our LIVE shows help to pay our actor/writers, engineers and musical guests, but more support is needed to keep these live shows happening!

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Ep. 19 LIVE AGAIN! – with guest Betty Folliard

We are live again! Guest Betty Folliard, founder of ERAMN, enlightens us on her tireless fight for equal rights...


Ep. 18 Remembering – with special guest Jearlyn Steele

We are remembering, honoring and paying attention.  Jearlyn Steele, shares family joys and tragedies and ultimately decides to keep...


Ep. 17 Healing the Silence – with special guest Jennifer, a survivor

Jennifer had stayed silent for decades, but when she finally revealed to her family that she had been sexually...


Ep. 16 Grace – with Pastor Ingrid Rasmussen, Rabbi Shosh Dworsky & Sister Jane McDonald

Searching for Grace, Hope and Gratitude during these unsettling times. Sue talks with 3 women of faith. Regina delivers...


About the podcast

Island of Discarded Women

Satire, Storytelling and Scintillating Conversation

What if there was a place inhabited by determined women who are working to reclaim their self-worth and celebrate their strengths after being dismissed or discounted by societal norms and gender biases?

There is such a place!

Mixing radio theater satire, original songs and inspiring conversations with women who share their personal stories, Island of Discarded Women delves into what it takes for us to reawaken our power after feeling tossed aside, swept under the rug or deleted.

Veteran radio actor Sue Scott, having been “put out to pasture,” has just washed up on the island. Dazed and confused, she sets out on a mission to discover what this island is all about, why all these amazing women are here and ultimately, what’s next.


Read the feature on Sue Scott’s “Island of Discarded Women” at the Star Tribune.


"...I left that show charged to embrace my own challenges like those islander performers did! To advocate for greater sisterhood and promote change as a collective voice like they displayed on stage. To survive those waves that knock us down and to do better then tread in the waters of tolerance. To make effective big splashes in our world,!"

Behind the Mic

Sue Scott

Sue Scott

Sue Scott is a veteran stage and commercial voice over-actor, who for 24 years was the female cast member on the public radio show A Prairie Home Companion. She recently climbed back on stage in a variety of theater roles in the Twin Cities, but is predominantly thoroughly immersed in producing Island of Discarded Women!

For more about Sue, visit

Creative Team

Joining Sue in making Island of Discarded Women happen is an ultra skilled and extremely flexible cast of women actor/writer/storytellers, delightful and talented singer/songwriters, a super helpful audio engineer and several accomplished pros creating web design, social media posts and promo materials! Detailed credits are included with each episode.

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