Ep. 38 Making a Difference – LIVE – with guests Mary M. Tjosvold & Yemi Love

Special guest Mary Tjosvold, award-winning humanitarian and businesswoman, creates communities wherever she goes and credits the strong women in her life with inspiring her to walk through doors. Musical guest Yemi Love, shares her journey from Nigerian recording star, to life in Minnesota spreading love through every gorgeous song. Guest storyteller Stacey Dinner-Levin wishes caregivers could be seen as she navigates life with her adult autistic son. Dae Yang & Sue Scott, with a beautiful new song by Zippy Laske, celebrate the women who’ve encouraged them to take their hands off the handlebars.

Episode Details
  • Island of Discarded Women Episode #38 was directed and produced by Sue Scott
  • Cast: Dae Yang, Zippy Laske and Sue Scott
  • Written by Dae, Zippy and Sue
  • Special Guest is Mary M. Tjosvold
  • Musical guest is Yemi Love with Spencer Bradley on guitar
  • Guest Storyteller is Stacey Dinner-Levin
  • Original songs “Can you Love Me” and “Do You See Me,” music & lyrics by Yemi Love.
  • Original song, “Spread Love” by Timothy Levy
  • Original song “Strong Women” music and lyrics by Zippy Laske
  • Live Real-Time Captioning by Erica Cook
  • Live Audio Engineering by John Robinson
  • Production assistance by Kate Sandvik
  • Photos by Bonni Allen
  • Live show volunteer Doug Anderson
  • Mixed & Edited by Sue Scott
  • Mastered by Tony Axtell

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