Shanan Custer

Ep. 36 So Strong – LIVE – with guests Mary Kunesh & Jaspar Lepak!

Special guest, Mary Kunesh, the first Indigenous woman elected to the MN Senate, shares the personal side of her life that has informed her tireless efforts to make change. Musical guest Jaspar Lepak honors a childhood friend, wishes she had grown up with rock music and celebrates how strong she felt after giving birth. Shanan…

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Ep. 28 Resilience – LIVE – with guests Dr. Pauline Boss & Rhiannon Fiskradatz

Gathering on the 21st anniversary of September 11th, our special guest, Dr. Pauline Boss, who coined the term “ambiguous loss,” reminds us that closure is a myth. Shanan Custer, with help from Rhiannon Fiskradatz, recounts being at the most magical place on earth that day. Sue Scott writes to Liz Cheney with a plea. Zippy…

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Ep. 16 Grace – with Pastor Ingrid Rasmussen, Rabbi Shosh Dworsky & Sister Jane McDonald

Searching for Grace, Hope and Gratitude during these unsettling times. Sue talks with 3 women of faith. Regina delivers a powerful poem by Brittany Delaney, Shanan mourns virtually and Miri, the Lava Lamp, masks up! EPISODE DETAILS Island of Discarded Women Episode #16 was directed and produced by Sue Scott Written by Brittany Delaney, Shanan…

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