LIVE from the Nord Social Hall! Shanan cancels her membership. Mo asks all to share stories of their female influencers. Sue and Zippy, make an appeal at the Open Mic to all the older white guys in power. AND special guest, Children’s book author and illustrator, Nancy Carlson, tells us how her husband’s FTD (Frontal Temporal Dementia) changed her life.

  • Island of Discarded Women Episode #5 was produced by Sue Scott
  • Cast: Shanan Custer, Dae Yang, Nancy Bagshaw Reasoner, Mo Perry, Silvia Pontaza and Sue Scott
  • Written by entire cast!
  • Special Guest is Nancy Carlson
  • Original song for “Dear Mitch” written and performed by Zippy Laske
  • Live Audio Engineering by Barry Madore and Tony Axtell
  • Edit and final mix by Sue Scott and Tony Axtell