LIVE! “End of the World” rehearsals begin. Sue honors the shoulders we’re standing on. The audience joins in and sounds off. Zippy sings about Boundless Rage. A tribute to Emma Lazarus. Nancy loves turning 70. AND special guest, Kevyn Burger, talks doing it all: TV, radio and print, with wit and grace.

  • Island of Discarded Women Episode #6 was produced by Sue Scott
  • Cast: Dae Yang, Nancy Bagshaw Reasoner, Mo Perry, Silvia Pontaza and Sue Scott
  • Written by Nancy Bagshaw Reasoner, Mo Perry and Sue Scott
  • Special Guest is Kevyn Burger
  • Original song “My Boundless Rage” written and performed by Zippy Laske
  • Live Audio Engineering by Barry Madore and Tony Axtell
  • Edited and mixed by Sue Scott. Mastered by Tony Axtell
  • Photos by Sara Erdman