Ep. 12 Who’s Zooming Whom? – In Quarantine – with Guests Fran & Drew Jansen


In our first episode from home, we attempt an Island Zoom. Mo unearths an historical reference. Shanan shares her diary. Nancy visits her brave dentist. Sue wonders What If. Zippy’s song, “Holding Onto Faith,” soothes our souls. And our special guests are a mother and son. One is no longer with us. The other tells her story.

  • Island of Discarded Women Episode #12 was directed and produced by Sue Scott
  • Cast: Mo Perry, Shanan Custer, Nancy Bagshaw Reasoner, Regina Williams, Silvia Pontaza, Dae Yang and Sue Scott.
  • Written by Mo, Shanan, Nancy, Sue and Zippy.
  • Special Guests are Fran & Drew Jansen
  • Original song “Holding Onto Faith” by Zippy Laske
  • Edited and mixed by Sue Scott. Mastered by Tony Axtell
  • Mo Perry’s story was originally commissioned by Pollen Midwest
  • Assistance by Hannah McDonald