Bonus: “Dear Mitch” A Relevant Replay for the Runoff!

Just in time for the Georgia Runoff Elections!  This very timely excerpt from Ep. 5 was recorded LIVE from Minneapolis in August 2019. To support the Georgia runoff effort, please go to fairfight.com, the incredible organization founded by rock star, Stacey Abrams!


  • “Dear Mitch” was written and performed by Sue Scott
  • Song written and performed by Zippy Laske
  • Illustration by Sara Richardson

Trailer – with Guest Paula Poundstone


A quick spin through the island set up and then Sue sits down with Paula P. before her gig in St. Cloud, MN! This is just a taste of the conversation with Paula. The full conversation will be part of the forthcoming episode #3.
  • This two Minute Trailer was produced by Sue Scott and StoryPop Media
  • Written by Sue Scott and Laura Buchholz with contributions from Shanan Custer
  • Cast includes Shanan Custer, Silvia Pontaza, Jackie Biederman, Dexieng Yang, Carole Jean Anderson, Regina Williams, and Sue Scott
  • Special Guest is Paula Poundstone
  • Original song “Fly Away” written and performed by Zippy Laske
  • Audio Engineering, Sound Design and Final Mix by Egg Music Studios Minneapolis
  • Additional audio engineering by Barry Madore, Jim Schnobrich, with Audio Ruckus, and Noah Smith
  • Web design/maintenance by Sara Richardson
  • Social Media coverage by Ashton Schneider

Theme Song – for Island of Discarded Women

Episode Details

“Fly Away” written and performed for this podcast by Zippy Laske
Audio Engineering and Final Mix by Egg Music Studios, Minneapolis