Full Letter from Audience Member, Leslye Orr

On Sunday, July 14, 2019, I had the total thrill of seeing the newest and most exciting on fire, female empowering, insightful, live podcast, radio-days-style-show ever! Island of Discarded Women. An ingenious Sue Scott inspired production that everyone should attend for pure fun and enlightenment, for healing that self doubt feeling and for just basking in broadcast brilliance. 

Sue hosts an amazing, diverse cast of women who make you laugh and cry in the same breath with their wisdom and wit while fueling the audience with I can and will be loved for who I am life affirming experiences through sketches, monologues and song. 

Featured along with the cast is a special like minded guest that Sue interviews for each podcast. Robin Hickman, media producer, artist, and civil activist, was the July 14 guest-gem I saw. I was in awe of her from her greeting to the audience, to her closing words. I now want to start my morning replaying her interview on the podcast as my daily affirmation. Her warm gentle voice and humble loving presence made me feel I can always shine like the sun even on the most cloudy of days. Please go online to read the admirable details on the show’s cast and guests. 

I am so grateful to Sue Scott, for making this show happen and I can’t stop thinking about the powerful effect that it had on me. I’ve seen a lot of mind-blowing comedy and satire with “Me Too” content. But this show outdid those feminist fares and highlighted many “aha” moments that stunned me into realizing I was in a very lucky audience. I felt I was graced by a troupe of humble goddesses who because they’d experienced injustice, used their innate gifts and talents to convey their vulnerability which eventually led them into discovering various, profound heart opening revelations. Through their performances they reminded us that we do live for each other. And, that all of us, as well as the isolated, deserted, and stranded can awaken ourselves to our own innovative, and creative potentials. 

In short, I left that show charged to embrace my own challenges like those islander performers did! To advocate for greater sisterhood and promote change as a collective voice like they displayed on stage. To survive those waves that knock us down and to do better then tread in the waters of tolerance. To make effective big splashes in our world,….now! Why wait for wrong doers to figure how to right their wrongs. They shouldn’t be permitted to tell us how to float our boats anyway. We women can navigate our issues and realities just fine! We can dare to dive into subjects that need greater human compassion. We can stop competing, and cutting each other down, so that together we can hold each other so dear that no one will have to drown in despair. 

Finally the influential importance of Island of Discarded Women inspired me to share a favorite wise quote that I believe Sue Scott has resurrected through her artistic mentorship behind the show. I cherish these words from – Belva Lockwood (born 1830) – First women ever to gain admission into The U.S. Supreme court’s Bar, the first woman to argue a case before the nine justices, and the first woman to run the full course for president who said,… 

“We shall never have equal rights until we take them, nor equal respect until we command it.” 

Thank you, Island of Discarded Women for rescuing audiences from being discounted and for offering us all life saving self realizations through your format of fun and fortitude. – “To the future!”

Leslye Orr