Ep. 22 Divine Interventions – LIVE – with guest Carolyn Holbrook

It’s our February episode!

Special guest Carolyn shares with Sue her journey from incarcerated teen to celebrated literary arts advocate. Brittany offers up a mistaken door that led to healing. Silvia recounts a phone number that changed her life. And musical guest Ivory Doublette sings the original “We Are One” with Zippy Laske and Tim Carrow. 

Episode Details

  • Island of Discarded Women Episode #22 was directed and produced by Sue Scott
  • Cast: Silvia Pontaza, Sue Scott, Zippy Laske and spoken word artist, Brittany Delaney
  • Written by Brittany, Silvia, and Sue
  • Special Guest is Carolyn Holbrook
  • Musical Guest is Ivory Doublette with Tim Carrow on guitar
  • Original song “We Are One” music and lyrics by Timothy Levy from the upcoming musical celebrating women activists, PROTEST: A Revolutionary Rock Opus – http://protestrockopus.com/
  • Excerpts from Carolyn Holbrook’s memoir, “Tell Me Your Names and I Will Testify” and an anthology co-edited with David Mura, “We Are Meant To Rise”
  • Live Audio Engineering by Dieter Poppen with assistance by Mikayla Finnegan
  • Mixed and Edited by Sue Scott
  • Mastered by Tony Axtell
  • Lighting by Nick Walberg
  • Photos by Sara Erdman
  • Social Media assistance by Ashton Schneider