Zippy Laske

Bonus: “Dear Mitch” A Relevant Replay for the Runoff!

Just in time for the Georgia Runoff Elections!  This very timely excerpt from Ep. 5 was recorded LIVE from Minneapolis in August 2019. To support the Georgia runoff effort, please go to, the incredible organization founded by rock star, Stacey Abrams!


  • “Dear Mitch” was written and performed by Sue Scott
  • Song written and performed by Zippy Laske
  • Illustration by Sara Richardson

Ep. 14 Insight – with Regina Marie Williams, Isabell Monk O’Connor & Kelli Foster Warder


Three conversations with three strong Black women. All in the arts. All with insightful personal stories to share. Plus, Sue and Zippy deliver an ode to a woman we all know and maybe wish we didn’t.

  • Island of Discarded Women Episode #14 was directed and produced by Sue Scott
  • Written by Sue Scott
  • Special Guests are Regina Marie Williams, Isabell Monk O’Connor & Kelli Foster Warder
  • Parody of “You Don’t Own Me” written by Sue Scott. Performed by Zippy Laske and Kyle Kimbllin
  • Episode edited and mixed by Sue Scott. Mastered by Tony Axtell
  • Excerpt of “Mississippi Goddam” by Nina Simone, performed by Regina Marie Williams in the play, NINA SIMONE: FOUR WOMEN by Christina Ham
  • Excerpt from Theatre Latte Da’s production of FIVE POINTS, by Harrison David Rivers, Ethan D. Pakchar & Douglas Lyons. Choreographed by Kelli Lin Foster Warder
  • “She Won’t Go Steady” by Kelly, Cathie & Ardire, performed by Ronnie Booker and the Boardwalkers
  • Assistance by Hannah McDonald

Photos by Regina Marie Williams