Ep. 36 So Strong – LIVE – with guests Mary Kunesh & Jaspar Lepak!

Special guest, Mary Kunesh, the first Indigenous woman elected to the MN Senate, shares the personal side of her life that has informed her tireless efforts to make change. Musical guest Jaspar Lepak honors a childhood friend, wishes she had grown up with rock music and celebrates how strong she felt after giving birth. Shanan Custer’s discovery that she is a relation to General George, brings her mother’s Indigenous identity full circle. Dae Yang knows her infant child will follow her dreams with a big bright heart. Silvia Pontaza wants to be as happy as her father-in-law. Zippy Laske wonders in a new song if possibilities can take flight. And Sue Scott sees so much strength in an all-female city council, a 27-year-old Somali mayor named Nadia and the equality of the ERA.  

UPDATE: Jaspar Lepak and I wrote and performed “The Ballad of ERA” which can be heard in this show. Since we recorded the show in December the wording of the MN ERA bill has been rewritten to include: “…pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes and reproductive freedom.” The bill is making its way through the legislative session right now!

Episode Details
  • Island of Discarded Women Episode #36 was directed and produced by Sue Scott
  • Cast: Shanan Custer, Dae Yang, Silvia Pontaza, Zippy Laske and Sue Scott
  • Written by Shanan, Dae, Silvia, Zippy and Sue
  • Special Guest is Mary Kunesh
  • Musical guest is Jaspar Lepak
  • Original songs “Queens of the Desert Sun,” “Why Should the Devil Get All the Good Tunes” and “So Strong” music & lyrics by Jaspar Lepak.
  • Original song “Taking Flight” music and lyrics by Zippy Laske
  • Original song “The Ballad of the ERA” music by Jaspar Lepak, lyrics by Sue Scott & Jaspar Lepak
  • Opening excerpt: “Release and Be Free” music and lyrics by Kelley Hunt 
  • Live Real-Time Captioning by Marsha Busson
  • Live Audio Engineering by John Robinson
  • Production Assistance by Kate Sandvik
  • Photos by Kathy Tauer
  • Live show volunteer Carolyn Denton
  • Mixed & Edited by Sue Scott
  • Mastered by Tony Axtell